Friday, March 11, 2011



I've seen several Cirque du Soleil productions... La Nouba is still my favorite. I've been obsessed with the album again recently. If you haven't seen La Nouba in Orlando (WDW) you should go. It is a show like no other. See the preview here.

I feel like I'm one of the wacky characters juggling everyone's balls. I don't mean that as inappropriately as that sounds. I just feel like I'm teetering trying to keep everyone's shit in the air and am on the verge of letting everything fall out of my hands - right to the ground.

I was debating yesterday on ordering the michael jackson cirque tickets but thought it was too early - with the show (in pittsburgh) over a year away in 2012. Who buys tickets so far in advance? Katherine asked if it was before or after the end of the world was due to arrive that year? ;-) With all this weird weather and things going on she may be right to inquire about that. I don't mean to be all doomsday. I'm just not sure it's wise to plan so far ahead anymore.

A few days ago I found out that I need to see a neurologist and go for an MRI. I've been going numb on the top of my head and my face and chin and a couple nights ago the numbness got really bad and was traveling down my whole body plus I've been randomly getting really dizzy. I went in to the doctor and she said it's either anxiety, migraines or MS. I actually don't think it's migraine related - I haven't been having them as bad at all lately and anxiety - I don't know... what do I really need to be anxious about? ;-) This has been happening off and on and it happened awhile ago. I was still doing acupuncture at the time so she wondered if things were controlled because of that. She was more concerned than I thought she would be. I, of course, google doctored MS and it all seems to make perfect sense now and totally seems like it could be. That along with my recent vision changes (which we were blowing off as normal 40 year old stuff) prompted her to recommend what she did. Now I just have to figure out when to do all that.

I was wondering what would happen if I took a year off - for just me - and intentionally ignored everyone around me. Should have started that around March 1st. That would have been a good start date. I mean everything can wait, right? No one is more important than me. Screw everyone else. I've been lucky the last few days - MaryLou and Linda have been in and staying with Glo... and I've let everything go in the house - bills, dinner, cleaning, dirty dogs! So there should be no excuses... and no numbness, really.

Yet, I'm still here juggling...

... and numb.

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