Monday, March 14, 2011


My mother used to use that expression a lot... like when something came to her all of a sudden. Like, duh!?! I get it now! We've been bitching and complaining about how nothing fits on the shelves in the refrigerator... you could only get the tall things like milk and stuff on the door and there wasn't much room for it. I knew this whole time that all it was going to take was to move the top shelf down so we could fit the tall things on it. Did we do it? NO. We kind of just talked about how there was no room in the refrigerator for anything. Like it would just fix itself. I finally did it and wish I would have done it long ago.
Speaking of seeing... everything was really blurry today. I had to get Betty to take Glo to her appointment. I've been wondering if it would be worse to lose your sight or your hearing - if you had both to begin with... each would be bad in it's own way but I think it would be worse for me to lose my vision... I wouldn't get to see Lily's tail start wagging when she looked at me - she's "telling " me she wants to go to bed now... I must oblige. goodnight.

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