Thursday, March 10, 2011


Candy store... Shoe store and Dress shop. We visited all of them today. We took a road trip to Sharon, PA to look for prom dresses. We went to The Winner. At one point it was like we were swimming in a sea of dresses. We needed one of those big tall flags we used at the Amazing Maize Maze to find each other. Mission accomplished but I don't want to see another dress for a very long time. ;-)

While we were in town we had to go to Reyers shoe store and Daffin's candy shop. I think they took some liberties when they said they were the "world's largest" but we'll give them a break. The chocolate wasn't even that great but they did have these cute pig candies!

It was a yucky, rainy day and we just ran out of time to see all that Sharon, PA had to offer... had to pass on the Buhl Mansion and Tara... we chose a new diner over the original Quaker Steak & Lube. BTW, did you know Jim Winner came up with The Club - the auto anti-theft device??? There was a display of them in the "men's lounge" at The Winner. It had couches and a tv and also had beer and popcorn in it. No men, though. I thought of my uncle when I saw it - I think he may be the longest running user of The Club!

Anyway, we are calling this our January adventure... yeah, we are a little late in our seeing new sights at least once a month journey... I thought all this largeness would have taken my mind off all my weird symptoms I've been having but it was kind of still the same. ;-(

Did get to see a 400 pound turtle, 125 pound reindeer and 75 pound frog made out of chocolate though so, with that sight seen and the big old other stuff, january adventure is complete. On to February... we'll have to get to March later.

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