Sunday, March 13, 2011


A few nights ago Lily freaked out - something scared the hell out of her during the middle of the night and she jumped off my bed with her tail b/w her legs and went in with my dad... that was the first time since November that she didn't sleep with me. The same thing happened the next night she was sound asleep and got up and came in front of me and was barking at something next to the bed. I, of course, was creeped out b/c it almost looked like she was protecting me when she got in front of me. She seemed really scared and left again after awhile. I just took her outside a couple hours ago and we came in and she started barking at something in the cellar. I'm just wondering if she sees something I'm not????

I yelled at the bud a little too many times tonight. I can't tell you how bad she has been lately. It's like raising a really bad two year old that can't talk. She likes to grab pens and run away with them every chance she gets. Anyone that knows my love of pens can figure out that I am chasing her many times a day. She's always getting into trouble... for eating my boots, for instance...
I watched her try to grab the little calendar card (that is under her) for about 5 minutes... when she saw me looking at her she quickly sat on it - like I couldn't see her... she's very smart like that. I know she is only playing but I am at my wit's end with everything and she is driving me a little crazy. She's lucky she's so cute. :-)
OK - It's almost 2 am. I have to change this post to 11:59 so it registers as yesterday. I don't know whether I am coming or going but I better go to bed before it's time for me to get up. I have appointments every day this week-for me, for others, for lily... I used to hate when I would hear the moms I knew bitch and complain about everything they had to do taking their kids here and there - I know I'm starting to sound the same way. I better get to bed before it's time to get up...and before she starts barking again.

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