Sunday, May 1, 2011


It's a yucky kind of day... I took Glo home this morning, stopped at Target and couldn't wait to get back and snuggle with my pup. I loved sundays like this... where you really didn't have to do anything (is that ever the case, though?) and you could just lay around on the couch. I miss my green couch... this couch isn't the same. It's not as comfy - not comfy meaning comfortable - just not as homey, if that makes any sense. I think of stupid sci fi movies when I think of those couches... those movies never had real endings did they? They kind of just ended and you would be like - really??? That's it?!? I just watched that for 2 hours and that's it. You know - like those scarecrow coming to life movies! I opted for River Monsters most of the day today. I love that show. I'm both intrigued and disturbed by it.

Lily and I fell asleep and just got up and I want to go back to bed. I think I will. ;-) My face hurts from laughing so much last night. Between Royal Family talk, Barbie's Catechism 101, Vinnie's dermatological exhibit, trying to come up with three letter names that end in an A and Aunt Joyce going on a contagious laughing spree over Janel going from blank stare to pageant smile in less than a millisecond - we were rolling on the floor all night.

Did anyone have one of these stuffed guys?
The tag says Scottsdale AZ... Couch Potato People Co... I can't remember when I got it but I never saw another one like it... Im thinking he has to be from the mid 80s, maybe. He just hangs out in the game room here.

It's time to be a couch potato (in my bed) again I think... just one of those days.

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