Saturday, May 7, 2011


It's funny... I'm still subscribed to all the emails that correspond to the pregnancies I had... so, periodically, I get something like your 22 month old may be easily distracted or your 6 month old is probably starting to roll over or your 4 year old may be having issues with sharing... normal development stuff.

I'm also subscribed to all the infertility ones as well... so these last couple weeks have been all about "how to cope with a broken belly" and one I got the other day... "mothers day is fast approaching - ten tips to deal with the most unbearable day of the year" - way to paint that in a good light! You know - stay away from restaurants and brunches - stay home and order pizza and watch a movie... go take a walk with your hubby... volunteer to pet and walk the homeless dogs at the shelter... Seriously? Like throwing the orphan dogs in there is going to make you feel better! :-) I read one today about how Halloween and other child centered holidays are just as terrible... and it's funny - I was just thinking about that. I've said before that every year I thought would be the year I would buy this. I saw this picture on Pinterest the other day and seriously felt cheated out of many years of possible halloween costumes.
I know... kind of stupid but, come on, that's one cute little chicken!

There's just no way to escape it. I was out with my cousin friday night - I hesitated going because I knew there would be the talk... What are you getting for mother's day? What are you doing? Kid talk. I wasn't asked specifically - just included like I was one of them... wished happy mother's day by default or association. It's no fault of anyone. I'm sure it was just assumed I was one of the moms from school or soccer. It's still uncomfortable though. And at another party tonight we were talking about someone in the family (in her 40s) who is pregnant... most were questioning why she would want another baby at that age and how she should be starting over and creating her own life. I was like that's the life I want to create - now! It's just a weird place to be. And probably one I should start trying to forget.

Maybe this isn't the right night to call it quits but I'm coming to the realization that I need to. I know I could remove myself from uncomfortable situations and easily unsubscribe from the emails I'm getting... I don't, though.

On a side note I'm sitting here at 2:20 in the morning watching the lady gaga hbo show for the second time in a row and thinking about my own mother. Just the right amount of madonna meets britney... my mother would have loved this bitch. ;-)
Happy Mother's Day.

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