Tuesday, May 17, 2011


TOT - TEN ON TUESDAY - 517 Edition (517 was my grandparents address, my address at Cedarbrook at PSU and it's today's date.)

1. Lily has not quit with the toilet paper thing...in fact, it's way worse. She comes running out of the bathroom like she's doing a rhythmic gymnastic routine. I've been collecting all her "ribbons" and storing them on my dresser and take some in with me when I have to pee.

2. Since my post about this song the other night - I've been looking for the Storytellers version of Round Here and can't find it - just found a million hits on how fat Adam Durtiz is now and how crazy it is that he only dates hot girls. What IS it about that guy and those fake dreads that's so yummy? ;-) I did find the Intro to it, though.

3. Something smells downstairs - The Dad kept insisting that he couldn't smell anything and made me think I was crazy but he finally admitted it a couple days ago. I'm starting to think that raccoon I heard screaming those couple times may be dead in the dryer vent or something. He's ignoring it so I don't know what to do.

4. We were talking about JT the other night. I can't believe Barb never saw the gift that keeps on giving - 1. put a hole in the box... still funny. ;-)

5. I go to Trader Joe's once a week on my way home from Oakland - every time I'm there I always think that I want to move to the city so I can go there and Whole Foods every day and get what I need for the day... maybe it's all the girls I see taking their kids in and out of the car to go in and get tonight's dinner that is so enchanting... I think I would be afraid living somewhere down there by myself though. Then I get mad at myself because I go home and end up eating half a chunk of Brie... every week I do this. ;-) I really need to stop that.

6. Looks like I always wanted a mini-house! Found some mail downstairs with a pattern - it was from 1977.

7. I really, really want to go glamping... I would love to have one of these. I would call it RoseBud. ♥

8. Iphone at the right place... this was kind of neat.

8. There is a family of birds living in the wires above my car. I don't know what the wires are or if they are safe in there - I'm starting to worry about them.

9. I never was a big fan of Maya Angelou but I always liked these words from her..

10. I'm obsessed with images of finger people... I've been collecting them over here.

Realized I have two #8s in here... I'm going to keep them both in anyway. Eleven on Tuesday. ;-)

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