Wednesday, May 25, 2011


To me words are very powerful... to speak - to be heard. I love quotes! There's a connection that pulls you in - like a horoscope or a fortune or daily om... Did you ever read something and be like that's exactly what I was thinking or this is so you... I never got into the "Wordless Wednesday" thing where you just post a photo that doesn't really need a description - no words to the post. I like words too much so I think I am going to start posting some of my favorite quotes and sayings on Wednesdays for awhile at least... I'm going to call it WOW. I'm going to keep it short tonight - I don't know how many I want to post or how I want to do this. Maybe what's relevant for the day or week. For tonight, I'm just going to post the last one I added to my Words to Live By board. Take a look around - maybe something will speak to you.

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