Tuesday, May 31, 2011


TOT - TEN ON TUESDAY (O Little Town of Bethlehem edition...)

1. Chrissy and I moved Lizzie into yet another place for the time being...
...the top floor of Jacob and Holiday's house in Bethlehem, PA. This is Holiday!
..and these are Jacob's shoes.
Chrissy said it was a good thing I didn't have any hens and chicks on me because they would have been filled with them if I did. It was the very first thing I thought of when I walked in the door. ;-)

2. We didn't do anything we planned on doing... the crayola factory, the "eerily lit steelworks hulk," the casino, the caverns, knocking on the Just Born-Peep door and telling them it was STUPID they didn't have a factory tour... we were 60 minutes from Philly - 90 minutes from NYC... We had a lot planned for 24 hours. ;-) All we did was go to Target... twice!!! At least it was two different ones. We did make it to the Brew Works with Andrew on Sunday and we went to Mama Nina's before we left... totally makes me want to open a restaurant for daddy - so I can decorate it, at least.

3. You know those Native American sweatlodge ceremonies? It would have been cooler if we went to one of those... Lizzie's new place must be about 200,000 degrees! I think I'm still sweating.
There was a freak thunderstorm on sunday night while we were sleeping - I was thinking I was the only one that heard it until Jacob mentioned it when he made a surprise lunch for us. ;-) My dreams last night and sunday were crazy. I think "jacob" prompted my LOSTesque plane crash dreams at the hotel - I would go in and out of them with every rumble of thunder... I was all over the place at home with flashes of random things - I can't remember much. I think I was having some sort of vision quest after our make-shift sweat lodge experience unless that baby groundhog really was trying to tell me something!

4. Speaking of dreams - it was like sleeping on a cloud held up by angels while we were at the hotel. I think Hyatt Place has taken over first place from my favorite Hilton bedding. First time I stayed at one of these was when we were looking for houses in florida a few years ago... love their rooms with the movable tv to the bed area...
...and lounge area.

5. There were several diners and restaurants between Bethlehem and Allentown that were boarded up - we had to stop and take a picture of what was formerly Izzy's Family Restaurant because I liked the sign... I hope all that free coffee and pudding and soup they included with their lunch specials didn't force them to close down. ;-) Pudding and soup! That's like my dream lunch special.

6. I brought 7 shirts, a pair of capri pants and a blue jean skirt plus the clothes I had on... for one night! Yes - 7 shirts! I was packing at 2:30 in the morning while drying my hair if that explains the strangeness of it all.

7. There's a friggin Marshall's Homegoods store a few minutes away from her place. We didn't realize it until we were leaving. ;-( There's a mall close by that is dog friendly too - they can go into 30+ stores! I think I really have to move here. We didn't even make it to a grocery store on this trip to get my usual new town reading material, so when I saw a box on the street I pretty much jumped out of a moving car to grab a HOMES book. I am a bit of a freak with that - collecting real estate magazines everywhere I go... I always want to move to wherever I am... I want this house that is one block over from liz.

8. I picked up the trucker paper on one of our pit stops...
I'm actually debating on this - can you believe it? Of course, I would need a truck retrofitted somehow because I'm sure I couldn't reach the pedals!!! ;-) But how cute would it be if Lily and I became truckers? I could get her a little trucker hat... we could journal our travels... there's my "traveling dog" - full circle! I would want RoseBud's paw prints painted on the cab... it could work. I would have to take routes that didn't pass by any junk or antique stores because I am easily distracted and my shipments would never get there on time!

9. I thought this may do the trick and help me become a little less frazzled.
I don't think it worked. I'm actually having some serious heart palpitations as I write this. We had a really good time but on the way home my face started going numb again, little by little, the closer we got to Pittsburgh. I got a sick kind of feeling passing by things. This is going to sound stupid but even stopping at the rest areas and going into the bathrooms... going through tunnels... road signs... David and I went to so many places and on so many trips it's actually a little sad. I think I have a story for every place or thing I see. Even my massive bag of road snacks didn't cheer me up very much! You know what I thought of whenever I pulled something wonderfully delicious out of the bag - all the school lunches I never made. Yes, I'm that messed up.

10. There were a couple different companies in the Lehigh Valley that had iced tea cartons that looked like this!

11. Because it's cute I'll add an "eleven"... check out this sign.

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