Saturday, May 21, 2011


I never thought that this whole RAPTURE thing wasn't possible... if not a full blown end of the world I thought it would be a good time for something else to happen... another big mass tragedy... terrorists, crazy weather, animals running wild - something. I admit, before I walked out the door this morning, I kissed Paul goodbye and said a few words to Lily - just in case I didn't see them again.

Looks like it's safe to say the prophecy failed. The day wasn't exactly without incident, though. Ted almost fell asleep at the wheel of the UHaul and I needed ice for my elbow. All I wanted to do was get through the day long enough to make it here.
With a cooler full of CCPeppers on the way home - mission accomplished. ;-)

So with it being well after 6 pm in all time zones, it looks like we all escaped Judgement Day - I guess. I wonder what some of the residents of heaven are thinking about what's going on here on Earth tonight. I'm sure they are keeping an eye on what God's children are doing down below. Maybe it's just no one was worthy of being saved.

I guess all we have to do now is look forward to December 21, 2012.

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