Monday, May 9, 2011


I love playing in the dirt... I always said it was my therapy. There's just something about planting flowers and watching them grow... all they ask for is a little water and time.

The Bud loves being outside too... her allergies don't but she has so much fun out in the sun.
She doesn't think twice about eating dirt, though. I had to yell at her a few times. She walked up to this guy like it was her water bowl.
I remember when he looked like this. ;-(
He is just all kinds of wonderful. I can't stand it.

Lily helped me clean up some of the pots and I got them together and brought the first batch to their new home.
I was sad to see them go but look forward to bringing them someplace new. I just don't know when that will be and it's causing me a lot of anxiety. I haven't really slept the last few nights. I'm trying hard to just keep only things I love... the problem is I LOVE a lot of my garden stuff... rusty, chipped, worn - whatever. They make me happy.

They are with some of their friends, at least... I'm not so sad. I feel like I sent them to prison though. I started to just fill the walls so I can see everything when I walk it. I know, weird. I say goodbye to them when I leave too. ;-)

I have to mention this also and mark this day down in history. I cut the grass!!
I'm just like Mim - our neighbor across the street at Dixon House. I think she was the first girl I saw cut grass! Vinnie is supposed to come tomorrow so I only cut behind my car but I totally think I could have done the whole thing! Well, I'm not sure I can do the hills - I'm a little afraid of that. I even pulled the cord and started it all by myself and emptied the bag - that was kind of hard. I did have a little trouble turning it and want to just go all over the place instead of in an orderly fashion but I kind of liked it. Go me!!! Tomorrow... the weed wacker! ;-)

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