Monday, May 23, 2011


I think I'm going to write to Applebee's and tell them to stop asking that question? It's a little intrusive to say the least and kind of silly. I mean it's Applebee's at 2:45 in the afternoon - leave it for what it is - we are just here for a late lunch. After much debate on where to go, we ended up there after Glo's dentist appointment today - which is what I told the waitress. I think my exact words were: Aunt Gloria just had a 2 hour dentist appointment and found out she has $6000 worth of upcoming surgery - we're just here to eat.

I've been feeling bad because I don't really do much with Glo anymore besides her appointments. I'm kind of afraid to take her anywhere myself and I'm just so consumed and busy getting not much done that I can't seem to function doing anything else. I just don't have the time, I guess - or make it. Even on the phone - she calls morning and night to tell me she is taking her pills... she takes the tape off the correct day (hopefully) of the pill case and tells me how many pills are inside and that's about it. I usually tell her I'll call her later on and, truthfully, I usually don't. Same thing happens the next day and the next...

She was excited to go to Applebee's nonetheless. The soup of the day was potato soup so she was squealing with delight and I told her that I heard the french dip was good and she absolutely loved it. She ate every single bite.
She was so happy she even got dessert!

Lily's way of celebrating something special - like anyone visiting her - is to try to kill them... These pictures aren't from today - it may have been Easter, maybe... She pinned Glo down and tried to kiss her to death! ;-) I need to work on her social skills.

OK - planes are flying super low and this wind is freaking me and the Bud out... we are unplugging and going to hide under the covers.

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