Wednesday, November 2, 2011


TOT - TEN ON TUESDAY (on Wednesday)

1. My birthday this year was on 11-1-11... You know me and numbers: 11+1+11 = 23... 2+3=5... 5 is 4 (four letters in five) or 1+1+1+1+1 = 5... 5 is 4. It all comes down to 4 in my weird numerology world! Anyway, I was coming back from Oakland yesterday and just as I stopped at the light I saw a scrolling message sign at the church show the date 11/1/11 and the time just so happened to be 11:11. Weird.

2. I was back in Oakland again today for another appointment with Dr. Berne... could things get any worse right now? Now I have to add rheumatologist to my list of people to make an appointment with! Anyway, I parked on the street this time! You're welcome, roof rack. ;-)

3. How cute is this? I ordered a necklace from Tascha - I'm an avid collector of her pug prints. I told her it was for my bday from my pug. When I opened the package I found this...
and inside...

4. I bet this is what Lily is thinking when I put her in the car!
YAY - Lily's blood work came back and everything looked good. So... just have to keep an eye on her and log what happens IF it happens again. Could have been medication induced or just a one time thing or she was having one hell of a dream!!! I hope it doesn't happen again - it was very scary.

5. My car often looks like this - with seventeen drinks...and a box of cupcakes!;-)

6. The plate I bought for Lily's sushi was made by DL Productions - David & Lily. I think I may return it - I'm done with it now.

7. I know a few people I could buy this for... and one for myself.

8. Had lunch with some of my former SILs or are they still my SILs? I don't know what I'm supposed to call them. Future ex SILs??? It was a fun time, though!!! ;-) I miss them.

9. These leaf hearts were outside the restaurant we went to when we were at Nemacolin Castle...

10. WOW - "We all - in the end - die in media res. In the middle of a story. Of many stories..." I liked that. Read this - a sister's eulogy for Steve Jobs.

My puppy is the best! Love the Bud!!!

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