Sunday, November 13, 2011


A few nights ago - we just got settled into bed and Lily jumped up and growled and started barking at the pillow next to me... she wouldn't stop barking. I came home tonight and The Dad said he "thinks there's a ghost in the house." He said Lily kept standing in the hall and barked at her bed in the computer room and was afraid to go in.

She has been really jumpy the last week or so but I never told him she's been acting weird and thought he was just making it up... until she did it when I was here. She ran from the living room and started barking at the doorway of the backroom like she was chasing something.
I'm starting to wonder if it is RoseBud!?!?! If so, why would Lily bark at her??? And why doesn't RoseBud want Lily in the bed(s)??? Lily has been sitting with Spider more and sleeping with it and doing zerberts. Maybe she is mad at that!

I'm confused.
I'm back... 9:22 pm.
Now she jumped off the couch and started barking and grabbed spider!
Looks like Lily won this round.

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