Tuesday, November 22, 2011


TOT - Ten on Tuesday (random thoughts)

1. This is just all kinds of wonderful...

2. I think I want to do this.

3. I don't text in the car but hear it is being outlawed - I agree with it but what about checking email or eating or other things? I almost went off the side of the road searching in my purse for a camera... Kind of ironic. I've been starting a photo collection of "Final Destination-esque ways to die." Here's one of them.

4. I'm going to get a seahorse when I get a house! Did you know that male seahorses have the babies. I've said it before - I would never ever get a boy dog - even though I have two boy dog names I would go with. I would like a boy sea horse, though. I'm thinking of names already. For now I'm going with Jeremiah SeaHorse. I have no idea why. Now that I'm thinking about it - Mr. Papagiorgio for a seahorse isn't too bad! ;-)

5. I like this girl. Watch this video.

6. Thanks to The Dad for coughing non stop for the last week... now I'm sick. ;-(

7. Glo said she doesn't want to go anywhere for thanksgiving because it's too dark and she's afraid she's going to fall. She also said she wants me to make her cranberry thing... for two reasons. 1. She's afraid she's going to forget to do something and mess it up and 2. She said someone else should learn to make it in case she's dead next year.

8. I have to look at this more often... I'm going to start on Friday. No Saturday. Actually, Sunday should work. ;-)

9. With that said - and I know this contradicts #8 - another note to self: NEVER, ever, ever buy LITE Brie again. Never. What the hell was I thinking?

10. I think I'm going to have a dress code next Christmas - I need to start thinking of a food theme that will go with "Ugly Christmas Sweater." Then we can have a photo shoot like this...
Did you even notice that there is a baby goat wearing a Santa hat on her lap?!? ;-)

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