Thursday, November 10, 2011


I don't really watch much televison anymore but I had it on this morning and, I'll admit, I cried watching some news footage of what was happening on the Penn State campus. I saw Old Main and was transported right there to the sidewalk - pre-cell phone, pre-internet, pre-grown up life. It was a little bit like seeing your home falling apart right in front of your eyes...

I remember the riots that came about when some drunk bitch flashed her boobs from an apartment balcony... it's not an unheard of occurrence in Happy Valley or any other campus. Goal posts are ripped out of the field and couches are burned all the time. Kids will be kids and idiots will be idiots on any given day for any given reason. Some day, those students will realize this is about more than football and school icons.

I think it will be awhile before anyone is aware of all that happened so I'll leave my opinion out of it for now. There's more people involved in this than the ones that are making a headline news story. If interested, this is a good timeline of the events so far... Right and Wrong is pretty obvious here. Turning a blind eye on things that are going on around you doesn't make it go away. Doing nothing, not doing enough, staying silent - it's all the same the world, in your own home - in any situation.

Truth always comes out in the end...eventually.
I was going to post a picture of the news van being flipped over but decided against it. I don't have many pictures here of my days at PSU... I was looking through the ones posted on facebook, though, and they still make me smile. Before I went there, my parents spent many weekends taking me up and back to visit my friends so I think I'll post this one from 1989. ;-)

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