Monday, November 21, 2011


Lily and I are snuggling on the couch. She was sleeping on top of me - something she usually does not do. That was more RoseBud's thing. She's nestled right next to me now - as close as she can get... almost underneath me.

I heard I'll be home for Christmas on the radio in the car. It's one of my favorites but I didn't like it much when I heard it today. ;-( I'm sitting here looking at one of my cardboard houses on the desk... wondering what's going on inside. Are the kids in bed counting down the days until Christmas... making a list in their heads about what they are going to ask for from Santa? Is Mom in the kitchen packing school lunches and writing cute little notes to insert inside... Is Dad finishing up some work and getting ready to go up to bed? Are the reading lights about to go off right after a kiss goodnight?

I hope so - in there, at least.

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