Sunday, November 20, 2011



I bought wrapping paper today.

If there's one thing I should not have bought - it's wrapping paper.

I bought it anyway. I'm a sucker for it. I go back and forth with using all the same pattern... a different paper for different people... two coordinating prints. I know I have a ton in storage and I found a bunch downstairs and, today, I bought more that will go with the ones I found last night. One had dogs on it too - which now brings me back to a different paper for everyone. I had to get funky bird paper too - which can be used year round so that's how I justified that purchase. I organized all the gifts I have so far. I haven't really gone shopping yet for much - almost all I gathered was stuff I picked up through the year.

I sometimes wish I was the kind of person that bought one thing for everyone. Check it off the list and it's done. I stop when I run out of time. It's kind of silly. I really wanted to be better organized and prepared for Christmas this year... to avoid any meltdowns for my sake and everyone around me. I can't seem to get into it at all.

I need to figure out this Mexican menu... and add a party room to the back of the house. I know one of those things isn't going to happen in the next 30+ days. ;-)

Here's another thing I shouldn't buy... Every time I go to Target I buy those snowman printed insulated coffee cups with the lids. I have four packs... and I had three that I think I bought after Christmas last year... NOTE TO SELF: You're good on the disposable cups!

I put some decorations out last night... only because I put the Halloween stuff away and was avoiding doing anything I really needed to do. I took a lot out and walked around with it and put most of it back. I don't have the display space here - and I don't have a mantel. ;-( And it just doesn't look right here. Plus, Mr. Cranky Pants is annoyed by all of it too.

The dining room tree from Dixon House used to change for the seasons but it hasn't changed - it's been my favorite family of snowmen since I've been here. Every day is Christmas - at the bottom of the steps, at least!

I think I may place some orders later... maybe. Probably not.

It's not even Thanksgiving yet. There's time.

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