Saturday, November 5, 2011



When I saw this I thought it couldn't be said any better. I think everyone that gets married should read this and buy it and put it on their wall and give it as gifts to people they know that are getting married and type it out and laminate it for their wallet.

We were at a wedding celebration for Adrianne and Steve today... The first DiGioia grandchild got married today too - and I just realized as I was typing this that Adrianne is the first DeLuca GREAT-grandchild to get married... I wish Mum was there in person for this day... and Aunt Cookie... and I still wish my Mother would have been there for mine. I couldn't help thinking about my own wedding - soon to be 14 years ago. The thought and planning and attention to every little angel and mickey detail... Stephen rushing to change the unity candles... the vows... Matt's song... the curtain opening with the band behind it... the bells... the cookies and the love between us and everyone in that room that we somehow made feel like they were part of it and not just invited guests. Seems like forever ago and then seems like yesterday.

It was quite evident tonight that DeLuca's are loud and fun and loud - I said that, right? ;-) They hover around the food table hugging and touching each other... The guys aren't afraid to say I love you to each other... They talk about putting their cat to sleep tearing them up inside one minute and then tease the hell out of brothers and nephews the next minute for their shirts looking like they were bought at Baby Gap. There is no denying that the sense of family is all around. You can feel it in the room. Family is comfort and laughter and pain and sorrow and home and so much more... It's not giving up on each other. Family is forever - well - most of the time, I guess.

I hope that Adrianne & Steve and Christopher & Tara grow to be "oldyweds" together and continue to hear the music they heard today if ever there is any silence. Congratulations to all.

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