Saturday, November 12, 2011


We started off at Handmade Arcade and, after realizing Chrissy had the wrong day for a Cookie Walk she heard about, we made an impromptu trip here...

Remember the movie Baby Boom with Diane Keaton? When the city folk come in the store and buy all the cute little homemade items??? That's how we were today... It was like the first time we ever saw jam and jelly!

I had to take a lot of pictures with my eyes... Partly because I wanted to be a good girl and not take any pictures of the Amish and partly because Ted won't stop on the side of the road like I do to get a shot of some random giant cow on top of a 40 foot pole. ;-) There was a great cemetery - Harmony Grove - established in 1800 something... Park Hills Farm - one of the farms that produces Turner's milk... Lots of photo ops everywhere. Here's one I did get.
It seems to be that Ted's GPS is set to "back country roads only" because that's how we got around those parts. It was like the Griswolds Mennonite Vacation - we were cracking up.

Finished off the night at Kelly Jo's candle party.

OK it's 1:11. I can't wait to get into bed. ;-)

One more thing...

On second thought, that can wait.

Goodnight, All.

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