Wednesday, November 9, 2011


TOT - TEN ON TUESDAY (on Wednesday)

1. What is up with this??? I NEVER posted this photo to my facebook wall!
In fact - I haven't even downloaded all the photos from Deep Creek because my Iphoto is full. This somehow got into my wall photos but it has the same caption as the one I DID post of Lily at the table which is right before it. I'm completely confused about this.

2. RoseBud was terrible last night. Yeah - I know I said RoseBud. I meant Lily!!! She was a nervous wreck - barking at every sound, light, etc... jumping on and off the bed... trying to lick was miserable. She finally got annoyed with me telling her to stop and went in and slept with the dad which is very unusual. I think she's going crazy from this new food. I'm going back to what she was on. The old one got the highest rating and this new one got the lowest. I'm confused!!!! I'm having a really hard time with her health issues if I haven't made that clear yet! ;-)

3. I saw a video of a starling murmuration on a friend's facebook page... Amazing. Watch it here.

4. I want to be this for Halloween next year... I need to find a good air brusher.

5. Do you brush your teeth for two minutes? I was in Target and katherine picked up a justin bieber singing toothbrush and we were cracking up... so I looked up the site - there's a piggy one. I would shoot myself after two minutes of that!

6. I think I posted about this BFF pair before... ;-( Read story here.

7. Today was out of control... I went to an appointment and when I got there I was told I had the wrong if that wasn't bad enough... I had the wrong day - so I'm back there tomorrow again. I still had to go to two other appointments today - met the dad at his and one for Glo. Trifecta - 10, 1 and 3:30... or so I thought. I had a zillion things to do and I had to stay out three hours longer to go eat and find an answering machine that now she wants to unplug every night because she doesn't like the light that stays on. I am completely exhausted - seriously - I couldn't wait to get home. I had already eaten lunch but felt bad for Glo because she was so happy to be out that I ate again! It took all I had in me to eat this smile. I felt like it was mocking me. I would have preferred a frowny waffle.

8. In my next house I want a robot themed guest bathroom... I'm going to start with this.

9. As soon as I started scratching this I thought "the snozzberries taste like snozberries!" I didn't lick it so not sure what it tastes like but it smells like PEPPERMINT!!! ;-)

10. I didn't expect the response I got from this. My already out of control email just got worse. Yesterday was my day for the3six5. Those selected had to give a few dates they would want to write on. I got the 8th. You can read my post here.

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