Saturday, November 26, 2011


Besides a few things here and there, we almost went the whole day supporting small businesses...

Tea party at Alexandra's Tea Room in Springdale for my birthday and Lizzie's birthday...
Fresh Heirlooms, a store we used to go to in Lawrenceville, moved to New Kensington...we went there for their open house christening their new shop. They remembered us from going to the LoLa store and were happy we made the trip. Got some Popular Mechanics magazines from the 1950s with great photos and these vintage sign letters.
Went to a junk store across the street - Hartman's - found a Meadow Gold milk bottle there so I knew The Dad would be loving that. We met Frank in Fresh Heirlooms - he has an antique shop a few blocks over - can't remember the name but really good stuff in there. Don't know how they will all do there - New Ken is still pretty run down - not sure if there is enough clientele in that area to support the upcycled movement. Hopefully, it will work out. Go there if you can.

Morninglory was a little chaotic but found a super cute snowman dip chiller there... I had it wrapped for myself so no photo. Cutest thing ever. I say that about all snowmen, though, but really - take my word for it. Cutest thing ever. ;-)

Tomorrow is Sleep In Sunday, right? #tired

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