Friday, November 4, 2011


If that didn't have such a negative connotation Chrissy and I said we would open up a shop with that name. We can't figure out what kind of shop that would be, though... binning and packaging items... expert stacking abilities... labeling and logging contents... not really sure.

God only knows how much money we have in bins in the four units that are currently housing our stuff. Some of the bins, in fact, may be worth more than the items inside.

All I know is organizing this one is going to take more than a day...
...and I might not get the rows to walk down like I thought. There are four bins so far of dog clothes and costumes!!! And I think there will be four bins of toys! There's still a doggy pool, cabana, wooden bed, pack and play, toy box, etc... The Bud may need her own unit!

One more thing... stink bugs suck!

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