Monday, November 7, 2011


I ran to Giant Eagle today and saw this guy on clearance. I couldn't pass him up.
It dances to Thriller. So cute and it was only $4.99! I found a video of it on you tube. Click here to watch it dance.

Lily wasn't as impressed with it as I was!
Maybe she was just singing along!?!

I so didn't need another halloween thing!!! I'm blaming it all on Chrissy for telling me about the cute little (sassy tailgate) sandwiches she made. Recipe here. I made a very spectacular ham the other night (forgot to take a picture) so The Dad made pasta fagioli yesterday. I thought I would make them to go with the soup and now I created a monster by buying this little monster. The Bud won't stop barking at this thing no matter where I put it!
I'm feeling bad for the poor pup. Not sure I'm liking this new food for her - though she seems to like it a lot. She's been a little lost - with me running all around - she's been very clingy and doesn't want me out of her sight. There are three pair of shoes, a pair of gloves and pajama bottoms out in the living room right now from her trying to get my attention. I'm trying not to get mad at her but she's really hard to handle at times. I know all she wants is someone to play with! Love the puppy.

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