Sunday, November 27, 2011


I'm still in my pajamas! I never left the house - I just went out and moved the car because I was blocking the garage.

Having some serious breathing issues since last night... maybe it was from the extremely loud music at Texas Road House (thanks for canceling out our small business saturday goodness by going to the opposite end of the spectrum for your birthday dinner, Lizzie!) Ever since I got in the car I felt like I was shaking and having a panic attack... still happening today. I feel like there is an elephant on my chest. I have the worst cold ever on top of that - first year I ever got a flu shot too. Should have listened to Dr. Tighe.

Regardless of whether I got dressed or not today, I did get a lot done! I was up really early this morning. Finished my menu for the veinticinco de diciembre including a grocery/Strip list. I even have a good start on next year's menu too! Gift idea list is pretty much done. I'm only really having trouble coming up with ideas for a few people - of course, Glo is one of them. Other than that - I have way too many ideas. I have lots of ideas for DCD too - so if anyone needs any suggestions - I'm your girl.

I started my cyber monday shopping today... there are a lot of companies that are offering pretty good discounts if you like them on facebook - good idea for a win/win for shop and customer. Still have a lot more shopping to do and I looked at the very busy calendar for December... I need to continue to stay on track.

I think we are up to 28 for dinner now. Space is going to be tight. We're to capacity with stuff here let alone adding people too. This can't go on like this for much longer. My Dad's whole life is disrupted on top of it... The parking situation is not working.... This isn't fair to anyone. I need to figure out whether to move or not. All I know is all garages should be in the back of the house.. This way you can hide the cars better and don't have to see your neighbors if you don't want to.

HMMM - just noticed I must have screwed something up somewhere... 350/365. There are more than 15 days left in this year, right?

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