Saturday, December 11, 2010


YES, I know I have two different shoes on! Lily has learned to open the closet and help herself to whatever she can reach... or she will bring a shoe from downstairs up or hide one in her bed. She thinks it's super fun to go running around with one shoe in her mouth. She also thinks it's fun to grab anything she shouldn't - kleenex, shopping lists, pens... She got my earrings the other day and chewed one right out of the setting. Anyway, I heard her jump off the Dad's bed and run in the other room - that should have been my first clue she was up to no good. I went to check on her and found she was chewing on something. I bribed her with a treat to spit it out (she gets more treats for being bad!) and it turns out it was a wrapper to a cough drop. The Dad informed me this morning that he thought he broke his rib coughing... Coincidence? I think not. I went into a panic because I saw it was sugar free and I know some of that can be deadly - fast... I had no idea if she swallowed the whole thing or if she just pickpocketed the wrapper. Tragedy was averted but I was not very happy this morning. Don't mess with me and my dog... I'm done being here.

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