Monday, December 27, 2010


Out with Glo today...took her for a blood test... went to lunch...she fell again...we went to the eye doctor... I took her home and went to Target and bought a bunch of Christmas stuff I didn't need...

Yes - I said it. She FELL again - right off the curb coming out of the restaurant after lunch as I was saying "watch the curb." Almost took me down with her. Luckily I was holding her arm so I grabbed her. She went down on her knees and reopened her hand wound but if I wasn't holding her she would have landed on her face again. There was no one around - some girl driving by saw it and pulled in and helped me get her up... I couldn't even move her. I gave the girl a hug - she said that was the nicest thing anyone did. I said the same to her. ;-) So after all that and three hours at the eye doctor I went home and called her. I asked her what she was doing - she said she was looking for the phone because she needed to make a phone call and she couldn't find the other piece to it. She wanted to know how many pieces there were to the phone. She didn't seem to understand that she was actually ON the phone talking to me. Then a minute later I asked her what we had to do tomorrow and she gave me every last detail about every appointment she had... I don't know what the heck is going on. It looks like the poor puppy isn't getting to the vet tomorrow now either - she's been scratching her poor little face.

No pictures from today but here's one of Glo from Saturday. She was so excited to get her lottery scratch tickets... she would scratch off everything that wasn't scratchable even when I told her what to do and then she would get mad and say it was a loser.
If I live to get old - kill me.

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