Tuesday, December 7, 2010


TOT - Ten on Tuesday

1. I confirmed the fact that I am afraid of torches when we went to the Pittsburgh Glass Center this weekend. I totally know how Janel felt when we were in Epcot! ;-)

2. Did you see that there were 2 deaths in one week in Celebration, Florida. The grass isn't always greener even in what seems to be a town of enchantment.

3. Now I have to post a picture from our last trip to Celebration in February...
...when I think about what was said on that little walk around that lake and through that neighborhood it kind of makes me want to kill myself too.

4. I think Aunt Gloria is starting to lose it - like for real this time.

5. I forgot about this cute little guy in vegas... I wonder how that big fish is in Harrisburg. ;-)

6. Lily has something to say: Woof... GRRRRR.... woof... woof... wooof... grrrr... woof... woof... WOOF!
For some reason Lily just discovered that the wall is mirrored and has been barking, pretty much, NON STOP (morning, noon and night) at the other dog that looks exactly like her that lives behind those mirrors. She is just not getting it no matter how much I try to tell her that the other dog is HER! It was really cute for the first 10 minutes when she first did it but now it's getting a little annoying. ;-)

7. When I heard the news yesterday that Elizabeth Edwards was told she had weeks to live I thought about making the call (over 16 years ago) to everyone when we were told that about my mother... I don't know which is better - to know death is imminent or to be surprised by something somewhat sudden???

8. We were always big " I Love You" people... on the phone, leaving the house, going to bed... I feel like I don't say I Love You to Lily as much as I should. ;-)

9. There's nothing that bothers me more than liars... well, maybe hypocrites!

10. Saw this at Giant Eagle... A sweatshirt for the naughty - soon to be on clearance I would bet. ;-)

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