Tuesday, December 21, 2010


TOT - Ten on Tuesday - :-) & :-(

1. The other night we were going from Station Square to Southside Works and then to the Waterfront... the GPS lady tried to take me up this big giant hill in I still don't know where... I'm not sure it was actually a road. It was a little creepy to say the least. We should have gone to Duquense instead. ;-)

2. I kept thinking about those dogs at the drive thru when we were looking for a Burger King on our way to the country living festival... We never were able to locate a Burger King with that thing then. GPS person took us to some rinky dink road/neighborhood then too and when we pulled up to the hotel - there was a Burger King right next to it! I was so sad for those dogs because I thought they were lost and hungry - I think they were just trucker dogs, though. ;-(

3. I got the peppermint mocha at Starbucks in B & N the other night. It reminded me of the peppermint hot chocolate we had at Dixon last Christmas. Just get two pumps though for a tall. That's more than enough. ;-)

4. Many years ago we came up with a big list of things we loved (and hated) about each other - one for D was me hugging him so hard that I would almost knock him over and for me it was the smell of his cologne lasting for a long time when he would come over and kiss his girls (me and the Bud) goodbye in the morning before leaving for work. I rescued the last bottle that was thrown away many months ago and open it and smell it from time to time. I know that's really weird but I miss that smell and that moment. ;-(

5. I really did create a monster by buying that stupid Pandora dice bead in Vegas...I'm just a nervous wreck over the other beads I want.... and the meaning behind all of them. I really shouldn't be so stressed out about this. Where's my xanax??? ;-)

6. I thought he was going to get mad but he actually laughed... I told my Dad that if he opened a restaurant he should call it CRUMBS!!! I can't stand it here. ;-(

7. Glo asked Dr. Blank to marry her today. She was singing All I want for Christmas is my two Front Teeth the whole day. Turns out it's FOUR she has to ask Santa for. And she sounds just like Cindy Brady. ;-)

8. This is a PG blog and all but I can't stop laughing at the "father christmas..." video a friend of mine posted on facebook a few days ago. I don't know what's funnier - the choreography or lyrics or wardrobe or graduation portrait on the wall! If you are easily offended, I am warning you, do NOT even bother searching for it or just turn the volume down and learn some rockin dance moves. Cute little jacket optional. ;-)

9. Last Christmas I gave you my heart... ;-(

10. For something fun - click on this link - "which Christmas-movie house would you love to spend Christmas in?"I had a really hard time with this! It was like choosing my Pandora beads all over again! ;-)
(I'm a sucker for a white house so 5 and 9 are my favorites (too many lights on 10) but I do LOVE #8. After much debate - for looks alone - I chose 5!)

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