Monday, December 20, 2010


That's what Glo kept saying the whole time we were in the Emergency Room today.

First, I thought I was going to be questioned with elder abuse while we were out this morning. She fell last week in the driveway of her apartment. She told me she was all bruised around her chin but I didn't know it was as bad as it was until I saw her today.

I picked her up this morning and we had breakfast and went to a few stores in the Waterworks. She was right next to me talking up a storm. We crossed the street and were almost to the cars and I walked a couple steps in front of her to beep my horn to see if I was parked in the aisle and heard her call my name. To use a phrase my Dad likes - she went down. Flat on her face.

I saw her headband go flying but she had already hit - there was no way I could have caught her. A couple guys jumped out of their trucks and called 911 and what seemed like 600 people came out of the Giant Eagle cafe - workers and customers. They brought one of the restaurant chairs out for her but I didn't want to get her up. A firetruck came and the firemen got her up while we waited for the ambulance.

There was blood everywhere - her front teeth were gone, chin a hundred times worse than it was, banged up her (other) knee - bruised the other one on the Thursday fall. The ambulance came and they brought her in and she told them she didn't want to go to the hospital but they could take her to Macy's. Her finger was bleeding really bad - so they put a garfield band-aid on it as a joke until they found something bigger and she kept giving everyone the (middle) finger and thought it was the funniest thing in the universe. I brought our packages to my car and I swear I looked back and (for a second) I just wanted to leave. I was going to get in the car, go get the dog and keep driving until I ran out of gas.

I went back though. ;-) The ambulance took her to St. Margarets and I drove over and walked in and went over to the foamy thing and it went flying all over me. I couldn't stop laughing. I think the guy that signed us in thought I was nuts.
We spent 6 hours in the ER.

As prepared as I thought I was going to be for this Christmas - it's all falling apart. Still driving around with one headlight... Lily still needs her nails done.. Oh, I forgot... when we got to the ER she needed to undress. She gave me her glasses, I helped her get changed and sat down. The doctor came in and I got up and told him what was going on and turned around and realized I sat on her damn glasses. She fell THREE times in the last month and a half and never broke her glasses and I DID! So along with the dentist - I guess a trip to the eye doctor is next!

I'm done! I'm going to bed. Wake me up in 2011 - or 2012 for that matter.

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