Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I just looked at the time and thought it was around 7 o'clock - not almost 1 AM. I should have known that couldn't have been possible with the day I had today but I didn't think it was this late. I feel like if I stop I'm just going to collapse and never wake up. The bags under my eyes are ridiculous. I lost the last couple days and tried to play catch up today. Sorry, Lily Bud. I know. You are such a good puppy...

It was a little crazy out there tonight - not terrible - still very busy, though... and I think it's safe to say I turned 40 and can't see very well anymore - especially at night. I'm blaming it on the one headlight thing but I think I should probably go to the eye doctor! ;-)

I had (sample) "lunch" at GFS this afternoon - corn casserole, sweet potato souffle, ham and blueberry cobbler.
All were, surprisingly, very good. Old people love their samples, don't they? I wanted to rumble with a few of them today - they don't care much about the (semi) young people that are in a hurry, do they? ;-)

While shopping, I had a really hard time resisting this snowy tinsel guy. I ♥ him and didn't like leaving him in the store. I didn't have much choice, though. I also left the light up pig that they've been selling for the last few years too. ;-(
One, I figured it was going to go on sale in a couple days and B - (did you get that?) - where am I going to put these things?!? I don't even like light up things because I think everything is going to catch on fire but I really think I may have to see if this snow guy is still there in a few days... He can just join the other boxes. There's still a little space before I hit the ceiling.

I haven't gotten a chance to read any of my Christmas magazines or catalogs yet...
I think I'm running out of ordering days, don't ya think? ;-) Though I ordered last night for Christmas delivery so I may still have a chance. If I could keep my eyes open I'd consider it. Does the grocery store deliver?

I got a surprise from a secret santa! Thanks, Sue! It's hard to find something "pig" that I DON'T already have. I didn't have this - so cute! ;-)

I don't know why the Bud won't go in and sleep with The Dad anymore... maybe it's because whenever I come home she never has water and is in the dark and always wants to play. This single mother with an uncooporative "the dad" is getting old quick. It's exactly what we said would happen with him... just as expected. I was downstairs for awhile and came up to Lily sleeping on the couch by herself - waiting for me. ;-( She's such a good dog!
Come on pup... it's time for you, me and your blanket to go to bed. ;-)

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