Thursday, December 30, 2010


I ended up sleeping over Glo's last night because she still wasn't getting the whole pill thing and I knew I had to be at Mercy Hospital early and it takes me three hours to get out of the house... We were up pretty late... the Santa was talking to her again while I was there - she told me his lips were moving and made me watch him. I missed it.
She's been thinking that all her dolls (bears) are talking and that I've been staying there all week (last night was the first) so I probably screwed her up by staying... She told me that I was there with Daddy the other day and he slept in Norman's chair and that me and Dave were there really late and she kept hoping that we were leaving because she wanted to go to bed... she told the doctor she kept telling us we should go home because RoseBud needed to eat.

Betty called at 6 am to make sure we were up - she was supposed to call at 7 so we were early... It was nice to have a little help, though, so I'm glad she came along.
When we were finished I asked them where they wanted to go for lunch and they picked McDonald's. Yes, McDonald's! The cashier at lunch said I was going to go to Heaven for being able to handle them... I said I didn't think so but thanks for the compliment - I think. It's interesting hangin with the over 80 crowd. It's like high school almost... they are a little self conscious, gossip about their friends, reminisce about the good old days, think everything revolves around them... Betty thought some guy was checking her out while we were eating... It was a pretty funny day.

She was telling me about this kid she had a crush on when she was 8 or 9. They went to Lemington School together - his name was Romeo DiGioia. We talked about leg cramps and Ensure. She has a mouth like a truck driver... the guy came out with a little journal for Glo to record what she was doing the next 24 hours... Betty asked if she should put down when she has sex. She told her she can't shower with the monitor on but she can PTA - piss, tits and armholes. I can't believe I just typed that. ;-)

I could go on but it's 1:30 and I'm tired and my eyes keep closing. Interesting day today... in more ways than one.

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