Tuesday, December 28, 2010


TOT - Ten on Tuesday

1. I can't believe the girl with the camera on her at all times didn't have the batteries charged in either one of my cameras on Christmas... Maybe that's a good thing. No food pictures, though. Just some bad iphone photos.

2. I was able to get Dante playing in the bathroom... he went in without anyone knowing and opened the cabinet and got uncle ronnie's toothbrush and was playing in the sink.

3. At least you can SEE the cloud above Eeyore... mine must be invisible.

4. Got home today... no water in her bowl again. ;-(

5. Glo update - TRIPPED at the eye glass place today - I caught her this time. Went to the Doctor later - possible pacemaker - don't know yet. I think she may have mixed up her medicine and may have too much of one... just figured that out a little while ago so need to check tomorrow... big day of tests on thursday so not looking forward to that. She asked her friend to go along with us to "help" me - she's 82 as well so it looks like I just got myself two for the price of one now. I think I may have messed up my wrist "catching" her yesterday too - starting to get pretty bad. Seems like I can't win for losing with all of this.

6. Poor Mary fell down the hill and dropped Sharon's Christmas Cookies - only ONE of my favorite Jew Cookies was rescued and I think it was a little wet but I still ate it!

7. I pulled a Chrissy on Saturday and had to put stuff in garbage bags and put them in the car because there was no other place to get them out of the way... laundry, clothes, mail, the mixer, etc... it's like a mini storage unit on wheels!

8. I got this because it reminded me of Mum and I liked the rosebuds on it. The icing was delicious but the cake was terrible.

9. My gifts are still unopened in my room and I just remembered that I have a pig Pillow Pet in a bag downstairs. I found it at Target a couple days before Christmas - it was the only pig there and the only pig I EVER saw so I didn't want to pass it up... the ladybug and bee are the cutest, in my opinion, though. Speaking of ladybugs...

10. Turns out I really fucked things up by getting pregnant last February, huh?
It wasn't a band-aid baby at all - just a mistake... and I was the last to know. ;-(

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