Sunday, December 5, 2010



Since it was a cookie day yesterday I might as well continue the theme today. Did you hear about the Dunkin Donuts study on how people eat gingerbread men?

There could be a link between cookie eating and who we are...

Do you decapitate or amputate?

64% bite the head off which means you are aggressive and achievement oriented; a leader.
20% go for the legs first and tend to be sensitive and revel in the company of others.
16% bite the arms off - left arm eaters are creative and extroverted; right arm eaters are usually skeptical and pessimistic.

I'm not really sure what I do. The study won't work with these guys...

... but next time I come across a G-man I'll take note.

Mmmmm - now I want potato skins. ;-)

Finally made it to Vanilla Pastry this afternoon. So far - on our own personal cupcake tour... best ones yet!
Lunch... (good but not great)
... and laughing at the superhero parking down at Bakery Square.
I'm cutting myself off of sugar for awhile. ;-)

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