Thursday, December 23, 2010


If I was one of those people that tweeted in a a few words or instantly updated my facebook status to tell their friends and family how awesome or sucky their day was I wouldn't know which to choose! Luckily, I can explain as much as I want here. ;-)

I woke up with a good amount of shopping left, most of the grocery shopping to do, cleaning and prepping and wrapping... I had planned to get Lily's nails done in the morning and go get my headlight replaced... little errands. I spent the last 24 hours back and forth with doctors and dentists trying to put out fires Glo lit... got that all under control - I think! I did a couple things in the morning and then made the decision to completely ditch all my plans and go play in Lawrenceville! It was a day of shopping, coffee and hot chocolate, cupcakes, scones and hand pies and burgers!
You can see where our priorities are. Sweet and Savory goodness. Oh, and aiding and abetting a candy cane robbery should be mentioned too... So much better than real life things to do, right?

So after our little fun I thought I should get something done... I called PetSmart and they were open until 10! Awesome (I thought in my head) not really - but I was kind of excited that they were open so late. I went back home to pick up Lily and find her paperwork and looked in my wallet and realized my license was missing... then remembered I picked up an order yesterday and think I gave him my license... long story short - no one seems to know where it is - including me. So add that to my list of things to do - later, obviously.

Lily and I made it to PetSmart - still one headlight and now - no license but we got there! It is very difficult to handle her by myself. I have to admit that. And it was scary having her out at night in a parking lot... I didn't like that at all. Luckily they weren't busy but they had to call backup because "little miss spinner" was getting caught in the leash thing... we tried grinding instead of clipping. She didn't know what the hell was going on and I think was a nervous wreck so it turned out ok simply because she didn't know any better. I felt bad for the girls so they each got tipped almost as much as it cost but it was worth it!
Lily picked out a Christmas toy... like I needed to buy her another toy, I know! She loved it in the car and for about 3 seconds at home and immediately ripped it apart.
I thought they were going to call dog protective services on me, though, when she was getting her nails done. The one girl asked if she liked other dogs... I said she doesn't get to see many any more and she said it looks like she plays with other dogs a lot and gets scratched in the face. I guess I'm a BAD dog mother because she hasn't been around another dog in months and the scratches are all self inflicted wounds - she's like a cutter. Poor puppy plucked out of her home and mutilating herself to try and cope with her pain.

So here we are now... almost midnight... well - almost Christmas Eve and I STILL don't have anything done I needed to get done since MONDAY actually... just some nails trimmed and a little too full of cupcakes. I'm actually shaking... I totally feel like I'm leaving for a trip and have nothing ready. Debating on just going to bed and worrying about it in the morning.

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