Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Now I can't get that song out of my head or the sound of Denise's voice while she was singing it in the car when Aunt GLORIA came to visit and we were going to Kmart for stuff for our apartment at PSU. ;-)

I had to take Glo to the doctor today. We were disappointed because the little dive across the street we usually go to for lunch closed so our plans got all screwed up. She was in rare form, though... I took a deep breath and said I wasn't going to freak out on her (like I did on that lady at the gas station - the other night.) That was bad. I'll save that story for another day.

Anyway, it was ok in the beginning... She read all the road signs under her breath, as usual. She was kind of going down memory lane a lot with memories of her and Uncle Norman. Talking about the Silver Lake drive in and the BBQ place at the end of Highland Park Bridge - that no one seems to remember but her.

She talked about how no one can mess with Steeler fans and those other guys are getting fined for all the bad things they did at the game... She told me her "sweetie pie" Polamalu is a Samoyed and a religious man and so nice and he has two kids now...

She informed me that South Side is going through renovations - and that it has to because all those animals get drunk and set things on fire down there...

She asked if I thought it was going to snow today - WHILE it was actually snowing...

I wish I would have recorded her because there were some good ones. Oh, like the fact that she hopes her doctor never retires - though, she said, by the time he would retire she'll be DEAD so it won't really matter!

I did pretty good - only once did I want to push her down the escalator in Macy's - I stopped myself though. Just being honest here, people. ;-) By the time we got to grocery shopping I was just ready to get home. She stopped in front of something for awhile and I asked her what the problem was and she said she's been wanting pumpkin pie but shouldn't really get it (she lost weight and didn't want to blow it and she didn't want to buy a whole big pie) but then she said, I swear on my mother, "I can do this for me, right? I deserve it!" I wanted to say et tu brute? - but I just said yeah, if that's what you want, Aunt Gloria, get it. ;-)

So you go, Glo. Enjoy the pie and if your sugar goes up to 400 tonight call 911!

And, yes, I know THIS is a Samoyed. ;-)

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