Thursday, August 9, 2012


I missed this picture in the downloads... Here's Lily watching the fun at ASCI at Wisp... She hopped up on that rock and was ready to jump in...

She already has the life vest... I swear if she could have found a little doggy helmet and oar she would have been right there in the water!

There's other fun stuff too at Wisp/ASCI.. I wanted to do the zip line but I wasn't sure my arm could take it! They have segways and geocaching and rock climbing and hiking, etc... Terry did the Mountain Buggy and I kind of wish I did it now... I wonder if they will let me take Lily on as a passenger next time?!?  She's used to wearing a seat belt in the car. ;-)

If you don't know about this place check them out here...
ASCI - Adventure Sports Center International and Wisp Resort .

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