Saturday, August 18, 2012


Glo is still in the hospital.  At least I left the Food Channel on tonight.  I left yesterday and had the Travel Channel on by mistake and came home to ghost hunters or something.  Poor Bud had to watch shaky hand held footage of some abandoned property all night!

Have I talked about the circle of children I fear I will see in the backyard - holding hands and spinning around? It's not a hard visual... It's like this but with real ghostly beings laughing and playing.

When I was little I would think that a spaceship would land on our pool and snatch me and Pepper up and we would play on the spaceship with all the alien kids...  Who knows?  Maybe it happened... and I think I saw those ghost kids once or twice, too. At least my hallucinations are happy people - Glo's seem to be hooligans!

I think I'm officially at the end of my rope. I actually have no idea how I got home tonight... I don't even remember driving here. This has been an exhausting two days on top of my own stuff - and I haven't even finished week 2 yet!  I need to get to bed.

Goodnight, ghost kids, whoever you are.

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