Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I was on the phone yesterday with someone and asked that question... yes, I said Hair Comb instead of Care Home! I still crack up when I think about it. This poor woman that was trying to help me probably thinks I'm nuts. She kept telling me to breathe and kept saying "this is too much for you, dear:" over and over again. I told her I was really good at this stuff I just had a lot going on and was getting things a little mixed up... kind of like Glo.  Maybe someone needs to place me somewhere for a short time so I can get my head together.  I came home the other day and grabbed my bag and got out of the car - while it was still running and in reverse. As I was walking to the garage, I finally realized I didn't have the keys with me and went back... luckily the railroad tie was there or the car probably would have been in the back yard.

Today was going home day... Glo wanted to go to Original Hot Dog...I knew it was Pitt move in day but figured what the hell... it was a little crazy and we were stuck a couple times and never found a parking space...

We ended up at Station Street... they were loving that it was the first stop after leaving the hospital - it was really cute.

We got home and an upstairs neighbor, Babe, came down while I went to the store to go shopping and get her pills.... We had dinner and she got ready for bed by herself - pajama pants from her drawer and a dress shirt from her closet. Around 12:45 am or so I found her in the bathroom taking everything out of the hamper - she said she was looking for the sunday paper and wanted to read the sale ads... I put her in bed and she got up a few minutes later and opened and closed every drawer and door in the dining room looking for something. She paced around the apartment the rest of the night. Neither one of us slept at all.

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