Monday, August 27, 2012


Well, The Dad gave me about a week before a tantrum... figured as much. That's about the time he gave me after surgery. He said he can't manage the dog - can't get her out and feed her so I had no choice but to get Betty over early and run to the house. Well, try to. I didn't judge my time correctly... By the time I got off the turnpike, I realized that wasn't going to happen.. It was 9:50 and I knew by the time I would have gotten to the house I would have had about five minutes to take care of the pup before I would have had to turn around and leave for the hospital. I had a little bit of time before my appointment and I knew if I stopped moving I would have probably fallen asleep in the car so I kept on going - straight to a plain biscuit...

I haven't had one of those in a very long time.

Unfortunately, biscuits aren't as magical as I remember.

I checked on The Lily Bud after radiation and she was waiting to go potty! We played with the frisbee for a minute and I fed her and packed up a few things... I had to be quick because I had to meet a social worker back at Glo's at 12:30.  I got there just in time... she pulled up 10 seconds after me and we actually walked in together to a full house.  There was an old lady party going on... Betty and Babe were both there and we walked in and the first thing they said was, "We had a man in the house - Dan the handyman." I told you these broads were crazy.

Anyway, the social worker could see how frazzled I was and I got the same song and dance... you need to take care of yourself... are you sleeping... etc...  I know everyone means well but, it's funny, I keep asking everyone that says that how they want me to do that and no one can actually come up with an answer. ;-)  Besides being a selfish little bitch and walking out on everyone - I can't come up with a way either.  Let me know if you have any suggestions.

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