Thursday, August 30, 2012



I didn't have a sitter today so I brought Glo to the hospital with me. I sat her down and gave her a puzzle book.  One of the girls brought me back to get changed and I went in and held my breath...  I didn't think she would wander off but I just wasn't 100% sure. One of the radiation techs came in part way through and said she peeked out and she was still there!

We stopped and picked up Lily and took her to get her nails done... I'm not sure how to upload videos on here so check out a couple of Lily through these links...

The first is Lily getting ready to go for a ride...
Lily Going Bye-Bye in the Car.

The second is when I went to the mac machine and she was crying for me... Glo said she didn't know what to sing to her to calm her down so she counted instead... this is a reenactment.
Lily's Countdown.

Seiously. Cutest. Dog. Ever.

Glo was a good dog sitter in the car back in Norfolk days... my links aren't that great on here - I can't find a pic at the moment. You can take my word for it.

Anyway, really bad day today - we came back to The Dad's to do laundry and all I remember is throwing towels in and going to bed.  I couldn't even keep my eyes open.

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