Friday, August 24, 2012


This is Betty.

She came over this morning in her house coat... She's always been twenty minutes early and bangs on the door when she gets here... I was in the bathroom getting dressed and told Glo to get the door... she went in the bedroom. I asked her where she was going and she said oh that's right and closed the bedroom door behind her. I finally pointed her to the front door and she opened it.

Betty said she met aunt gloria in church - she said she used to pass her dirty jokes in the pew.  She's been coming over when I go to my appointments - before I left for radiation the other day she said I want to tell you something before you go - it's related.  An old guy went up to this old broad and said show me your tits... she said she bent down and brushed off her shoes and pulled her skirt up - you know because they were old and saggy - then she said something else - let's just say dick was the tamest word she said. She told me she added that part herself. ;-)

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