Thursday, August 23, 2012


We met Barry today - best nurse ever. He was here for over 3 hours... it's been 7000 degrees in the apartment.  I was about ready to burst into flames.  He actually took my temperature. It wasn't just me - the poor thing was sweating like a pig. He did some assessments... definitely advanced dementia.  He said he's surprised she lasted this long on her own. It's definitely way worse than I even thought.

As always, she wanted to go out so we went to Kings for apple pie and cinnamon ice cream.  My favorite.  Well not the pie (I'm a cake girl) but cinnamon ice cream is my fave... I think they changed it though - it's not the same. She enjoyed it.

I opted for cinnamon ice cream and a (caramel) frownie brownie.

Not liking the caramel and every time I see a Frownie I think of Steve. Just noticed the date of this pic - looks like the 20th anniversary of the PSU Eat N Park frownie cookie is coming up...

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