Friday, August 31, 2012


I overheard Glo say that to my pigs when I went in her storage closet to grab another box... She said it with a bit of a sigh. Some days it seems like she knows that she has to live somewhere else - like that would be the best thing... other days she kind of thinks differently.  She'll ask if she's doing better... if the medicine may turn things around...One minute she's worried about her stuff - then she goes around and says I want you to have the wine glasses with the flowers on them and maybe your Dad might want the kitchen stuff.  This isn't easy for anyone... I know what it's like to be asked to leave your own house when you don't want to. It's not that nice.

Anyway... I have a good amount of things at her place... Special pigs (and pugs) that I didn't really want in storage but couldn't fit at The Dad's.  Little tiny pigs from the curio - bubble wrapped in under bed bins... giant chef pigs from our dining room... bronze pig lamps... I tucked them in closets and boxes over here because I had no other place to put them. I pulled all of them out today and binned what I could.

As I went through the boxes, I discovered things I haven't seen in a long time - each with stories of their own. Honestly, it was too much to handle.  I took a few things out that I wanted with me for the time being... who knows when these bins will be opened again.

Before Piglet could think, Pooh answered for him. "He'd come and live with me, " said Pooh, "wouldn't you, Piglet?"  Piglet squeezed his paw.  "Thank you, Pooh," he said, "I should love to."

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