Friday, August 17, 2012



YES - it was Lily!  She is such a good girl... I wonder if she thought I abandoned her like her daddy did???

It was a pretty eventful day...   You would think the most interesting thing I encountered today would have been finding out the sexual escapades of a certain someone... turns out it wasn't.  Glo called me at 3:30 in the morning and thought she was to take her evening pills... I told her she was way off and to call me at her usual 8 am... She did and told me the people were there but they were going to leave...  I went to lunch... cups were thrown...
I went to radiation all stressed and distraught and actually a little proud of myself because my higher self  rocks and knows a liar and a hypocrite when she sees one. After treatment I went on a search for what turned out to be the super duper, best dog ever, I didn't go pee pee in the house while I was alone for almost 14 hours award. I called Glo to check on her and she was yelling at the people. While I was in the car, she described them to me and was talking to them and telling them they had to leave. She said her tv wasn't working and the remote needed batteries... So I got batteries and headed over to her house. I get there and she is PISSED OFF... these kids were throwing the cushions off the couch and eating chocolate right from the wrapper... the elderly couple wasn't even stopping them... some lady put a cup right on her wood table.  She was furious. I called the doctor again and the whole damn group of us waited for him to call me back...  Long story short - well maybe not that short - Chrissy met us and we were off to the ER.

Blood, Pee, CT, Chest Xray, EKG and a few other things didn't show very much... her BP was 220 over 98 and let's just say, we weren't the only people in the room... 5 hours later she was admitted and bitched at every single person she saw and said that if she wasn't going out to eat with us they had to get her something to eat NOW... it took about an hour for them to find her a turkey sandwich that she ate in about 17 seconds... We left when she was done and Glo said there was one good thing... at least we wouldn't hit any traffic! 

Chrissy and I ended up at Eat N Park at 2 am with the most interesting cast of characters I've seen. While his gray haired friend got up to go to the bathroom, a leather wearing casanova with a ponytail got up and asked us what we've been doing all night...  he said it was cold in there - which it was - and asked if we wanted him to "warm us up." Just then our hot chocolate came and his friend came and got the check.  Can't blame the guy for trying... he probably just thought we were lesbians that eat too much dessert. Maybe he's into that. I mean, come on, Chrissy did have Birkenstocks on. ;-)

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