Tuesday, August 28, 2012


TOT- TEN ON TUESDAY (a glimpse into life with Glo)

1.  I can't even begin to tell you how incredibly tired I am... I did not sleep AT ALL last night - not for one minute. Today was my weekly xrays and dr visit... another high BP. 155/98. My nurse was like we don't want you to stroke out on us so you are going to have to get this stress out of your life. I don't know what she's talking about. ;-)

2.  Betty had to go to the convent to see her nun friends today so I got Babe from upstairs to come sit with Glo this morning while I checked in on The Lily Bud and went to radiation.  I was still in the bathroom when she got here - I came out to this... Babe was telling her to sit down because she probably didn't remember how to fold a sheet in her "condition" and she could do it herself.

3.  I came back and asked them if they wanted to take a ride to the bakery with me... Babe asked if it was near Sam's... I never made it to the bakery. I'll give you three guesses as to where we ended up!!!

I can't tell you how many head shakes and smiles and "god bless yous" I got from the people around me. I met all the guys - Babe introduced me to Nick the produce guy and Richard and the store manager... she knew everyone. Yes, we stopped for hot dogs.  I can sleep in 2013. I'm good. Really.

4. Glo goes through RoseBud's pictures daily... she keeps telling me Lily is nice but she liked RoseBud way better. Like WAY better.   MY POOR LILY BUD!!!
5. I have to put this on the door every night - not to stop anyone from coming in -  it's so I can hear if she tries to open it.  Babe gave it to me along with a blanket... she had about 7 throw blankets upstairs and wanted to thank me for taking her for a ride to Sam's... She's so cute. She's a QVCaholic - like Chrissy.  They met a couple months ago and they were like kindred spirits.  She loves her.  She said she is "jolly."

6. Glo keeps talking about these dish towels that David helped her buy. I have no idea what she's talking about but she said he brought her up to the counter to get them and she'll always remember that.  She keeps asking why he didn't come to the hospital.  Then in the next breath she says he doesn't have time for us because he's probably too busy going to a concert. I never said she was totally out of it! ;-)

7. The "hope you feel better" fist bump that rocked the world - from friday night.

8. I'm not one to park your "kid" in front of the tv but there's a game channel and cartoon channel and even a dog tv channel... I really don't know why there isn't a round the clock Jeopardy/Wheel of Fortune channel... it would be so convenient. When asked (multiple times) when it is on - you can respond - actually - right now! I think it would be wonderful. All Glo wants to do is watch that or the game - hopefully Steelers but she'll take what she can get... she pulls a dining room chair up to the tv every night to watch sports...

9. Bithday dinner tonight with Glo's crazy girls...She did a good job getting herself dressed to go out... even picked out a statement necklace. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CARA!

10. I have a busy day tomorrow so I am going to drop Glo off at Betty's house for a play date and go check on this girl... I can't believe it's been less than a week since I snuggled with her... seems like forever. I miss this face!

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